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Fashion & I 2021 Online Festival

The ‘Fashion & I’ 2021 One-day Online Fashion Festival was held on June 15th 2021 with a live-stream hosted from Felix Meritis in Amsterdam celebrating 10 years of Cultuurfonds Mode Stipendium and 20 years of Dutch Fashion Foundation.

It was a day filled with memorable hot topic talks on fashion we had with our dream line up, including Suzy Menkes, Vanessa Friedman, Bethann Hardison, Isabel Marant, Jérôme Dreyfuss, Barbara Franchin, Bliss Foster, JOFF and all our amazing panel members from the Dutch fashion field, and of course the ceremony of the Cultuurfonds Mode Stipendium.

Dimitry’s Fashion and Food Philosophy: Breakfast
Alexandra’s Holistic Fashion morning Stretch & Balance
Welcome word by Angélique Westerhof, director Dutch Fashion Foundation
In Loving Memory
Love Letters to Fashion
Suzy Menkes in conversation with Guus Beumer on Shifting Dynamics of Fashion
Celebration of the 10th Cultuurfonds Mode Stipendium
Cultuurfonds Mode Stipendium Edition 10 receiver Claes Iversen by Freudenthal Verhagen
Rijksmuseum curator in conversation with CFMS recipient Claes Iversen
Dimitry’s Fashion and Food Philosophy: Lunch
Isabel Marant in conversation with Angélique Westerhof about Female Forces in Fashion and Fashion Consiousness
Q&A and panel conversation with Isabel Marant 



FASHION & I – 15 JUNE 2021


09:00 – Starting the day with:

Dimitry’s Fashion and Food Philosophy – Breakfast

09:30 – A word of welcome by Angélique Westerhof

09:45 – Online conversation on Shifting Dynamics of Fashion with Suzy Menkes (UK)

11:00 – Celebration of the 10th Cultuurfonds Mode Stipendium

Rijksmuseum Curator of Costume in online conversation with 10th CFMS recipient


11:50 – Taking at break: Dimitry’s Fashion and Food Philosophy – Lunch

12:35 – Online conversation with Isabel Marant (FR) followed by a live Q&A

13:25 – Online conversation on Ethical Luxury with Jérôme Dreyfuss (FR)

14:15 – Panel conversation on Digital Fashion

15:15 – Online conversation with Vanessa Friedman, New York Times (USA) with a live Q&A

16:30 – Presentation by JOFF, Parsons MFA Fashion Design & Society (USA) followed by a live panel conversation on education

18:00 – Online conversation on Fashion Activism with Bethann Hardison (USA) followed by a live Q&A and a panel


‘Love Energy Machine’ by Studio Bas Kosters

19:25 – Dimitry’s Fashion and Food Philosophy – Dinner

19:40 – Online conversation on ITS ARCADEMY with Barbara Franchin, ITS (IT)

20:15 – Panel conversation on Participation in Fashion

21:00 – Online conversation on Fashion Futures live with Bliss Foster (USA)

The day was laced with many more special guests and conversations, about Digital Fashion, Fashion Participation and Fashion Education, among others. Re-watch the on-demand segments on the Dutch Fashion Foundation YouTube-Channel.

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Fashion journalist, par excellence

INSTAGRAM @suzymenkes


Fashion Director and Chief Fashion Critic for The New York Times

“I am really interested in what’s going to happen after COVID, that’s the big question. And what the kids think is going to happen. Will it change how we dress? How we think about shows and the system? And also, the question of global versus local is a big issue.”

Vanessa Friedman @ New York Times
TWITTER @vvfriedman
INSTAGRAM @vvfriedman


American fashion activist and model

“Change, what does that mean ‘Change’? Things are simply in motion, and this is just another phase. But I do think things will never go back to how they were before, and that is a good thing. We better get prepared to look ahead.”
INSTAGRAM @bethannhardison


EVE President, ITS Founder, ITS Contest & ITS Arcademy Director

“I wish for fashion to become deeper, slower, producing with a higher quality and in a more
inclusive way.”
INSTAGRAM @itsplatform


French fashion designer and owner of Isabel Marant

“The industry has evolved with time and being a fashion designer has become a race against time. The life of a fashion designer is no longer sex, drugs and rock’n’roll.
Today, as in my early days, what motivates me is to take people out of their daily lives, to make them dream with clothes. More than ever, I want to do cheerful and sparkling things.”
INSTAGRAM @isabelmarant


French fashion and accessories designer and owner of Jérôme Dreyfuss 

“Creating useful pieces for contemporary women using leather that is durable, reparable and recyclable with a sip of French humor.”
INSTAGRAM @jeromedreyfuss


American Fashion Critic

“Fashion designers weave intricate stories into their collections. Their runway shows and clothes are an art form, and should be treated as such. I research the inspirations, references and cultural ideas behind your favorite designers, then interpret them on my YouTube channel. Fashion is not shallow. Clothes are not trite.”

INSTAGRAM @blissfoster
YOUTUBE @Bliss Foster


Associate Director MFA Fashion Design & Society at Parsons School of Design

“The most progressive thing we can do in fashion today, is to become truly inclusive of diversity. Not only from a representational perspective but an actionable one that purposely dismantles the many oppressive systems eliminating and silencing the beauty of this world and the people that inhabit it.”

INSTAGRAM @joffofoffjoff


Conversation on the Shifting Dynamics of Fashion with Suzy Menkes (UK)
Interview and moderator: Guus Beumer

Conversation with Isabel Marant (FR)
Panel: Claes Iversen, Erik Frenken
Moderator: Aynouk Tan, Angélique Westerhof

Conversation on Digital Fashion
Panel: Suzanne Mulder (Studio PMS), Joris Suk (Maison the Faux), Mary-Lou Berkulin (Monument Magazine), Fleur van Maarschalkerwaart (STUDIO ULTRADELUXE)
Moderator: Aynouk Tan

Conversation with Vanessa Friedman (USA)
Panel: Bodil OuédraogoDylan WesterweelLieselot ElzingaJoris SukNinamounah
Moderator: Mo Veld

Conversation on Ethical Luxury with Jérôme Dreyfuss (FR)
Interview: Angélique Westerhof

Education with JOFF (USA)
Panel: Oscar Raaijmakers, Sanne KarssenbergLenn Cox, Mark van Vorstenbos
Moderator: Mo Veld

Conversation on Fashion Activism with Bethann Hardison (USA)
Panel: Bas KostersIrene HaDarwin Winklaar
Moderator: Stephanie Afrifa

Performance: Love Energy Machine by Bas Kosters Studio

Conversation on ITS ARCADEMY with Barbara Franchin (IT)
Interview: Angélique Westerhof

Conversation on Participation in Fashion
Panel: Pascale Gatzen, Margreet SweertsElisa van JoolenSaskia van Drimmelen
Moderator: Andrea van Pol

Conversation on Fashion Futures live with Bliss Foster (USA)
Panel: Ronald van der KempGabriel MaherTwan JanssenDylan Westerweel
Moderator: Guus Beumer

Dimitry’s Fashion and Food Philosophy by Dimitri Krul


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