07 juli 2000 - By DFF
© Marc de Groot

Defilé sur l’Herbe – The first generation of Fashion Institute Arnhem designers presented themselves to specially invited international fashion journalists with a fashion show during the exhibition ‘Dutch Modernism’ at the Centraal Museum Utrecht. This presentation had an international focus to give Dutch fashion a collective face. Also a special edition of DUTCH magazine was developed completly dedicated to Dutch fashion with photoshoots by international top photographers.

The exhibition Dutch Modernism was held from July 7th till September 17th 2000 at the Centraal Museum Utrecht, the Netherlands. The exhibition was opened by a fashionshow of Fashion Institute Arnhem graduates for the international press in the garden of the Centraal Museum Utrecht.

Organised by: Fashion Institute Arnhem, Angelique Westerhof, José Teunissen, Centraal Museum, Dutch Design Institute

Participating designers: KEUPR/van BENTM, Oscar Suleyman, Klavers van Engelen, Rozema Teunissen, G+N

2000 - Defile sur L'herbe - KEUPRvanBENTM∏ Marc de Groot
2000 - Defile sur L'herbe - Oscar Suleyman ∏ Marc de Groot
2000 - Defile sur L'herbe - Rozema Teunissen ∏ Marc de Groot
2000 - Defile sur L'herbe - G+N ∏ Marc de Groot

All images © Marc de Groot